Transition & Housing

A transition and housing support counsellor can meet with you to assist in creating a safety plan, help you to make plans to leave in abusive relationship, and to establish a new life on your own, free from violence. The counsellor will help you develop a transitional plan based on the type of supports you need.  It will identify your short- and long-term goals and the steps needed to achieve them.  The goal is for you and your children to move forward with a feeling of enhanced security, comfort and dignity.

A transition and housing support counsellor can help with:

  • helping you to find safe and secure housing (either through subsidized housing or on the private market)
  • assisting you to fill out housing applications, to find alternate housing or to maintain existing housing
  • working with your landlord to resolve conflict and/or to avoid eviction
  • providing advocacy and information to help you obtain financial assistance,
  • providing support and referrals to counselling programs
  • making connections to educational upgrading and job training resources
  • helping you to complete legal aid applications
  • help you to prepare for initial court appearances and lawyer’s appointments
  • providing you with referrals to and advocacy with parent/child resources
  • developing a transitional plan and helping you cope with change
  • follow-up
  • safety planning

For a referral or to connect with a counsellor in the Transition and Housing Support program, please call 613-342-8815 or 1-800-267-4409.